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Continuing the GT best of 2013 coverage, let’s watch the 23 best music videos from this year. None of these videos have a Seth Rogan/James Franco-made spoof (yet).

Is your favorite music video from 2013 missing from the list? Leave a comment, why don’t you?



  1. Radiation (vimeo) by Yvette


  3. Wojtek (npr embed) by Roomrunner


  5. Obvious Signs (youtube) by Grape Soda


  7. Get Off (youtube) by METZ


  9. Radio Eyes (youtube) by Ed Schrader’s Music Beat


  11. Rapid Reality (vimeo) by Radical Dads


  13. No Below (youtube) by Speedy Ortiz


  15. Plant Gardens Bomb Banks (nsfw) (youtube) by Big Pauper
  16. Downloadable: Plant Gardens Bomb Banks (mp3)

  17. Spectre (vimeo) by Young Adults
  18. Downloadable: Spectre (mp3)

  19. An Impression (youtube) by No Age
  20. Downloadable: An Impression (mp3)

  21. Theme From Krill (youtube) by Krill


  23. The Moons March (vimeo) by Haunted Horses


  25. Kellies (vimeo) by Tape Deck Mountain
  26. Downloadable: Kellies (mp3)

  27. I Could I Could (vimeo) by MiniBoone


  29. This Song Is A Drug Deal (youtube) by foot village


  31. Minotaur (youtube) by Thee Oh Sees
  32. Downloadable: Minotaur (mp3)

  33. The Street by Bueno
  34. Downloadable: The Street (mp3)

  35. Really Bees (vimeo) by Ovlov


  37. Thumper (vimeo) by Dan Friel
  38. Downloadable: Thumper (mp3)

  39. I Saw You From The Lifeboat (youtube) by Liars
  40. Downloadable:

  41. California Grrls (vimeo) by Shark?
  42. Downloadable: California Grrls (mp3)

  43. Behead Yrself Pt. 2 (youtube) by Bent Shapes
  44. Downloadable: Behead Yrself, Pt. 2 (mp3)

  45. Hey Winnie (youtube) (as seen) by Cocktails
  46. Downloadable: Hey Winnie (mp3)

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GIMME TINNITUS' Best of 2013

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