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Let’s do a little visual recap #GEXICMJ2013 with this amazing GIF by Richard Gin of

gexicmj2013 gif by richard gin

Richard Gin is on the internet
Richard Gin is on Tumblr
Richard Gin is on Flickr
Richard Gin is part of The Epoch

P.S. – Andy of Shark? made an awesome GIF of Bleeding Rainbow playing the Cloud City show.

BONUS “why haven’t you downloaded these already” Mixtape:

Gold Thought Exit (mp3) by Advaeta

Terra Incognita (mp3) by A Guide To Rational Living

Fresh Meat (mp3) by BIG UPS

Wasting Time (mp3) by Bleeding Rainbow

Housewolf (mp3) by EULA

Bald History Month (mp3) Fat History Month

My Apartment (mp3) by Flagland

Gallery Palace (mp3) by Grass Is Green

Mouse Shadow (mp3) by Hive Bent

Never A Joke (mp3) by Krill

The Claw (mp3) by LOW FAT GETTING HIGH

The Valley (mp3) by Ovlov

Prom Song (mp3) by Pile

Je T’aime (mp3) by Porches.

Jagged Brain (mp3) by Psychic Blood

Spinning (mp3) by Roomrunner

Silver Spring (mp3) by Speedy Ortiz

Greatest City in the World (mp3) by Two Inch Astronaut

Dinnertime (mp3) by VULTURE SHIT

3 gexicmj2013 flyers mashup

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