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Portland, ME psychrockers Bully Mammoth have a follow up to their EP One, which they have cleverly titled EP Two. Track number one, which you can stream below, has been described as a “fist pump/windows down on the highway song”.


Streamable: 2X4 (soundcloud)

The Tracklisting:

  1. 2×4
  2. WNBA Jam
  3. Downsize
  4. I Hate My Car I Hate My Brain

EP Two will be available @ on November 26th.

AND did I mention that Bully Mammoth just released a new digital single that is just filled with psychedelics.


Streamable: Wizard Cribbage/Beatle Beards + Mayday (bandcamp)

Pay what you want for the Wizard Cribbage/Beatle Beards + Mayday digital single @

Plus, you can still pay-what-you-want for EP One @

Hopefully, Bully Mammoth will travel south and play some shows around NYC in the not too distant future.

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BONUS: Trash Monster Headache (mp3)

EP Two by Bully Mammoth

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