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Tripped out hip hop producer Horse Head a/k/a HORSE HEAD a/k/a Hh has been busy producing in this year. He has had eight releases this year! Now, I have posted a few tracks from some of these releases, and I think it’s time that I feature an actual Horse Head post in 2013. This here is a stream to his most recent release, Spirit Armor. It is filled with emotional content.


Streamable: Spirit Armor (bandcamp)

You can pay-what-you-want for Spirit Armor @

As you may already know, “REMEMBER THE TREES” off of Spirit Armor is the GT Track of the Week this week.

You can read a recent interview w/ Hh @

Horse Head shows no sign of slowing down, his VII mixtape is set to come out in January 2014.


Streamable: Tokyo 1980 (soundcloud)

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MYTH (mp3)
Blood Donor (mp3)
Nervous (mp3)

Spirit Armor - Horse Head

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