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And now, the latest q and also a. Here are the answers of ambient sound artist Daniel Klag.

q: What is the last song you (really) heard?

My wife recently bought me the LP of the Fantastic Planet soundtrack. I’ve been listening to it a lot lately, especially “Le Bracelet.” Such bizarre music, yet it perfectly complements the (equally bizarre) visuals of the movie.

q: What is your most common reaction to hearing your own music?

I tend not to listen to my own music once it has been released. But while I am still in the process of recording new music, I will listen to half-finished tracks over and over again during my morning commute, looking for any flaws and trying to decide whether I am happy with the recording or not. Through this process, a lot of tracks end up getting revisited or trashed. If I were to listen closely to my music after it has been released, I would have this perpetual desire to want to go back and refine/re-record things.

q: What is your favorite artist/band to see live?

Probably No Neck Blues Band. It has been a couple of years since I last saw them; I’m not even sure they are still performing these days. Every time I have seen them live, it has been completely different experience from the previous time, yet never disappointing. “Always different, always the same,” as John Peel said of The Fall.

q: What is your favorite venue (in NYC, if applicable)?

I have always had a lot of love for the Silent Barn. My wife and I had one of our first dates at the old location; I will never forget the feeling of excitement we had, dancing atop the Silent Barn kitchen table. I am really glad that the Silent Barn dudes have been so successful in the new location – usually when a DIY space shuts down, you never hear from them again.

q: What piece(s) of culture are you really really excited about right now?

I’m currently excited about the “cassette renaissance” that we seem to be in the midst of right now. I think there is no way that this trend will last, nor do I think it will be as far-reaching as the comeback of vinyl has been. For the time being, however, cassettes are a great way for musicians to create a physical product inexpensively, while also offering something that shows the kind of care and consideration that you are unable to get from burned CD-Rs. I am continually surprised to see people’s interest in this medium. At the last few shows I have played, my tapes have been selling more than my records!

q: Anything we should know about your latest project (whatever that might be)?

I have a new album, Twin Labyrinths, coming on April 22. The album is an extension of my last album Inner Earth (2013, Constellation Tatsu); I continue to use guitar and vibraphone samples to build ambient sounds. The album’s title comes from a short story by Borges, which communicates the idea that labyrinths come in many forms. For me, a labyrinth does not need to be a physical construct; the aim of this album was to create a sound space that one could get lost in. You can pre-order a cassette or stream the album here.

Streamable: Twin Labyrinths (bandcamp)

You can preorder the Twin Labyrinths cassette at miscreantrecords.bandcamp.com.

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BONUS: Moth Wings (mp3)

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