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Space Daze‘s Danny Rowland (whom you may also know from Seapony) sent us these high quality answers to our questions in this next q and also a.
q: What is the last song you (really) heard?

a: The last song I heard that made me feel feelings was every song on the Sun Kil Moon album, Benji. The last song I actually listened to was “Damp Face” by La Luz. I was listening to it on the bus right before my stop and then I took my headphones off. After I got off the bus I checked my mail. There were a couple of tapes I ordered from That Summer Feeling. The bands were Beverly and Lisa Prank, but I haven’t listened to them yet. The first thing I wanted to do when I got home was soak my feet in a plastic tub full of hot water. This is what I’m doing now. Wait a second – I just heard some music playing in a passing car. Whatever that song was is the last song I heard.


Downloadable: Baby, Let Me Write Yr Lines (mp3) by Lisa Prank
q: What is your most common reaction to hearing your own music?

a: My reactions to hearing my own music are (a.) accomplishment/pride (b.) anger (c.) panic/embarrassment. I want to say that (a.) a sense of accomplishment is the most common.
q: What is your favorite artist/band to see live?

a: Of all the bands I’ve seen, Belle & Sebastian is the band I’ve seen the most. I’ve always enjoyed myself at their shows. The answer is Belle & Sebastian. They are my favorite band to see live.


q: What is your favorite venue (in NYC, if applicable)?

a: I played a show with my band SEAPONY at Bruar Falls once and that was really great, but that place doesn’t exist any longer. We also played at Littlefield and really liked it. The sound was good, it was a nice size, and the people were very nice.
q: What piece(s) of culture are you really really excited about right now?

a: I hear tye-dye is making a comeback and that’s pretty exciting.
q: Anything we should know about your latest project (whatever that might be)?

a: Let’s see here. I wrote/recorded a wave of songs this past spring and decided to release them. The name Space Daze is what I decided to name my imaginary band. I released a cassette on the label Beautiful Strange called Follow My Light Back Home. It’s on my Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes. too. There is a video for my song “Line Up on the Solstice.” Colleen Green is in it. I don’t play shows at the moment and I’m not sure if I ever will.

Downloadable: Follow My Light Back Home (mp3)

Streamable: Line Up on the Solstice (youtube)

Streamable: Follow My Light Back Home (bandcamp)

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