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Brooklyn/DC weirdo punx Drunken Sufis have a new ambient drone project featuring noise, modem sounds, pots & pans and feedback. The new album is entitled Fiber Opital Tap and it comes out today via Bad Friend Records. According to the band, “the whole project is about obsolescence, the digital-analog divide, and decay in general.” The “music” video of the album was shot on handheld cameras and a toilet drenched iPhone. View it full screen mode and wear some headphones, ok?


Streamable: Fiber Optic Tap (youtube)

You can stream the audio of Fiber Optic Tap below via this bandcamp widget.

Streamable: Fiber Optic Tap (vimeo)

You can purchase the digital @

The limited edition cassette of Fiber Optic Tap will be available soon @ There are only 50 tapes and they feature 50 different covers of stills from the video.

Update: The cassette is currently out of stock at

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Fibert Optic Tap by Drunken Sufis

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