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And now here is THE list, the GIMME TINNITUS favorite songs of 2015 (100+!). Give it a little time to load up. Maybe go get a snack. Soak it in, and stream away. The list is in alphabetical order by artist name, so scroll through the whole dame thing! Do not miss out on Zs or YVETTE. That would be dumb (ok?). I think most of the songs here are from 2015 but there are some reissues mixed in, so check that older stuff out. Those who do not know their history are condemned to not recognize it when newer bands are ripping someone off. Oh and leave a comment if I missed something (which of course I did).

A download of all the mp3s in this post is @

Looking forward to 2016!
gt fav songs 2015

Angelfish by ADVAETA

Katz by Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman

Brian Jonestown Masochist by Al Lover

Black Eunuch by Algiers

Billz by Ava Luna

Corpus Christi by The Avengers

Arm of the T-Rex by Beech Creeps

Borrowed Tune (mp3) by Blessed State

More Land by The Blind Shake

control (mp3) by blue smiley

C-C-C-Convenient by Bueno

Ministry of the Torture Couch (prod. by Elos feat. Hemlock Ernst) by Busdriver

3:54 of dreaming dangerously by Cars & Trains

The Whip and The Rein by Chomp

the good sword by christian fitness

Bloodlust, Virginia by Clean Girls

Spirals by Cold Beat

Lo by Crosss

The Mirror by Damaged Bug

Learning to Relax by Dan Deacon

Backslider (mp3) by Death Vacation

M A L E M O D E L S (mp3) by DECORUM

Salvation by Destruction Unit

Plastic Jungles by Dfalt

Tearing the Posters Down by Dick Diver

Guilty by Dirty Dishes

Sailcat (mp3) by DONE

Soft Focus by Doubting Thomas Cruise Control

Poder Elegir by Downtown Boys

Trapdoor by Dreamcrusher

Infinity by Eartheater

History of Handclaps by Erase Errata


Forces At Work by The Feelies

orangina filth (mp3) by Fern Mayo

My Own Boss by Fitness

Just Like A Magic Bullet by The Flag

Awesome Song, Kerry Jan by Flagland

Sex Bomb by Flipper

Drift In Reason by Future Museums

G.L.O.S.S. (We’re From The Future) by G.L.O.S.S.

I’d Hate To Be An Actor by Greys

Doctor M by Grooms

Polly’s Crystal by Guerilla Toss

Doored by Haybaby

Nervous Tic by Hierophants


Dirty Sun by Infinity Girl

Admit I’m Shit by Institute

Pax Idyll Ft. Gem Trails by Isn’t Ours

Last Year by Joanna Gruesome

A09 by Kill Alters

Painkiller by Kindling

vs. the Police (The Dicks) (mp3) by Kindling

Foot by Krill

Sleeper Agent Man (mp3) by Lair

The Metal East by Lightning Bolt

Quetzalcoatl by Liturgy

Repetitive Motions by Longings

Fuck This Century by Lost Boy ?

Double Negative by Love Of Diagrams

To Die in L.A. by Lower Dens

Soy la Pocha by Malportado Kids

Delusion Moon by Meat Wave

The Swimmer by METZ

I Always Get What I Want by Moss Lime

Stillove (mp3) by Museum of Recycling

Rescue Don by Needs

Golden Age of TV by Nightbirds

Burning by Noisem

Frantic Mall Mom/G.O.L (mp3) by Nonsense

Virgin Mary by NOTS

Rubicon by Noveller

Mutant Standard by Oneohtrix Point Never

Ziggy Starfish (Anti-Anxiety Raps) [prod. Gold Panda] by Open Mike Eagle

Beautiful Blue Sky by Ought

Fuck You by Palberta

Crank by Palm

Dream Result by paw paw

#2 Hit Single (mp3) by Pile


Shopping by Pink Section

We’ve Come so Far by A Place to Bury Strangers

Time Tells Me (mp3) by Pony Time

Dope Cloud (mp3) by Protomartyr

Blur World by Psychic Blood

Cassette Brain by Radical Dads

Sticky Trap by Ratking

Watched By An Animal (mp3) by Romantic States

Lost Crown by Sannhet

Creeping (mp3) by Sauna Youth

Scientific by Scientist

Any Answers by Shopping

Why Wait by Shopping

Bitemarks by Single Lash

yes, officer (mp3) by Slav

No One’s Bothered by Sleaford Mods

Certain Harbours (The Bongos) (mp3) by Sleepies

Rigid Order by SMILING

holding the void by So Pitted

Crimes 1 by Soupcans

The Graduates by Speedy Ortiz

Thrash Master by Spray Paint

Polar Beer by Spray Paint

Stupid by Stove

Fear of Death by Stringer

Sir Come Navigate by THEESatisfaction

That’s Fine (mp3) by TONER

Lucky Dollar City by Trabajo

December by Unwound

Plague Is Vague by Useless Eaters

An Atrium by Voice Coils

Bruise by Vomitface

Clid by Washer

Crystal Mace (mp3) by Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands

Seventeen by Wildhoney

Couches by Wimps

Take It As It Comes by Wimps

Balancer by Yourself

Occasional Magic by Yppah

Calm and Content by YVETTE

Corps by Zs

This was a great year for music.

If you like what you see/hear you should probably head over to your local independent record store and purchase some vinyl or tapes or maybe a CD or better yet buy directly from the band next time you go out to a show. If you just want the 0s and 1s, maybe head over to eMusic or Midheaven or Bandcamp or your favorite digital music store.

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