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Have you ever been talked to and been like, “why won’t this person shut the fuck up?” Of course you have. Well, the good folks of Pony Time with a little help from Lisa Prank sure have got a song for you. It is called Stop Talking. Sing it whenever you feel the need.

And here is a little music video for said song (featuring the friends of Pony Time).

If you have not picked up Pony Time‘s latest long player yet, Rumours 2: The Rumours Are True, well then you are fucking up. Listen to it using this handle widget dealie.

And get a closer look at this album art…

rumors 2 the rumors are true by pony time
And the awesome Ss/Sol Re Sol Records re-released Rumors 2 on that vinyl format that is making a comeback.

(purchase vinyl or other formats)

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