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Jonathan of Cigarette sent us these answers to our questions in this next installment of q and also a.
q: What is the last song you (really) heard?

a: “Otha Fish” by The Pharcyde. “It took a second to register up in my brainium, my dome, my head, my skull, my cranium”

q: What is the first album you remember purchasing?

a: I can’t remember the first album I ever bought but my eldest brother had asked for a Rob Zombie cd for his birthday one year and my mother purchased The Zombies BBC Sessions by accident. I then proceeded to steal it from him.

q: Is there an album you wished you knew about when you were younger?

a: It’s not an album but I wish I had heard the song “It’s too late” by Tarheel Slim & Little Ann.

q: What is the last album that you purchased?

a: Yura Yura Teikoku’s ゆらゆら帝国のめまい as a christmas present for Evan who is in Cigarette. It was difficult to part with.

q: What is your favorite memory of experiencing music in a live setting?

a: Last year I saw Sir Richard Bishop perform in a church. He played this guitar that he found in Geneva made in the late 1800’s, it had a really unique sound. His music is beautiful. When it was over I wished everyone I loved could have been there to share in the memory.

q: What is your favorite artist/band to listen to recorded (i.e. not live)?

a: That is an impossible question to answer. I think we all jump around too much to be able to single out any one artist. If I had to throw a name out, I love Ennio Morricone‘s compositions. I don’t think I will tier of him anytime soon.

q: What piece(s) of culture are you really really excited about right now?

a: Toilet Paper Magazine.

toiletpaper magazine
q: Anything we should know about your latest project (whatever that might be)?

a: “It isn’t anything.”
It’s the Warm Shadows b/w Love’s Mirror 7″ which is being released July 15th via Sister Polygon Records. These two songs were recorded over the course of 2015 in Washington, DC with Kevin Erickson at Swim Two Birds Studio.

You can preorder the 7″ at sisterpolygonrecords.bigcartel.com.
Cigarette is hitting the road this July with postpunk outfit Puff Pieces. Mark yr calendars.

July 15 – Columbus OH
July 16 – Detroit MI
July 17 – Pittsburg PA
July 18 – Philadelphia PA
July 19 – Boston MA
July 20 – Providence RI
July 21 – New York NY
July 22 – Washington DC
August 11 at the American Art Museum, also in Washington DC

AND if you have not checked out Cigarette’s Chapel Sounds tape (part of the JMC Aggregate Organechs series)…

Cigarette is on Bandcamp
Cigarette is on Facebook
Cigarette is on Sister Polygon Records
Cigarette is on JMC Aggregate
Cigarette warm shadows

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