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NYC’s own, Crusher is getting ready to release their new EP, ENDS, on April 14th via the good folks at Gentle Reminder. ENDS marks Crusher’s first release that is not a demo or homemade cassette and reveals the band’s fuller live sound as it has evolved from guitarist Pier Harrison’s solo songwriting project.

The EP lineup includes Pier, Kat Casale (Japanese Breakfast) on drums and Ray McAndrew (Sswampzz, Perfect Pussy) on bass. Ray wrote/performed the bass parts on the ENDS recordings, but moved upstate at the end of 2016, so Aidan from Marge has taken up bass duties in the band. The four songs on the EP were recorded by Gem Hell (of Slight, Painted Zeros) at David Blaine’s the Steakhouse.

And we are super psyched to share “Running” with you right now…

Pier shares a look into “Running”:

“Running” is about shaking off people who doubt you and leaving them behind. It shows a methodology of proceeding at full speed even when you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Planning and carefully considering decisions before you make them will usually help achieve the best outcome (as can strokes of luck or spontaneous brilliance), but to think that you have to know exactly how to do something before you ever even try to do it is an attitude that aims to keep disadvantaged people behind and continues to exclude the uninitiated. Fuck that way of thinking. On the flipside, the song is also about getting caught up in your throwness, not being present, living in bad faith. Though in many cases being present is a privilege.

Please note: an earlier version of “Running” appeared on a Heartbreaking Bravery’s A Step Forward compilation last fall.

You can preorder the EP right now @ or grab one this coming Monday at the upcoming ENDS release show at Silent Barn w/ Closer, Abandon, Debbie. Oh and $1 from each sale of the EP will benefit Make The Road New York
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