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Hey, here is a recent episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time. It featured special guests Peter from ABC No Rio and Ben from Ipsum (and formerly Aviv)!

ABC No Rio is doing shows in exile at Silent Barn. Check their schedule for upcoming shows!
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The playlist for the 1/14/18 show:

    Bob’s Mini-Serenity Now Playlist

  1. Nothing Left by Pillärs
  2. Control by SCUMRAID
  3. Inextricable by SOUL GLO
  4. Attempts by Sect Mark
  5. Wastrel by SICK SHIT
  6. Let Go or Be Dragged by Joe Biden
  7. Out in the Streets by Hundreds of AU
  8. Allt måste inte finnas by Nervgift
  9. Bone Pointer by Minors
  10. Human Carrying Capacity by Harm’s Way
    Ben’s Mid-Atlantic/Eastern Europe Screamo ‘N’ Grind Tour

  12. 1 by SOUL GLO
  13. The Lucid Outline by ostraca
  14. All I Was, In Ashesby ostraca
  15. Decay And Fall by ostraca
  16. Unredeemable by Flesh Born
  17. Many Ports by Flesh Born
  18. Of The Same Earth by Flesh Born
  19. Existence, Our Exile by Flesh Born
  20. Nothingness, Our Home by Flesh Born
  21. OURS/THEIRS by Deer In The Headlight
  22. Alas, The World Stops Spinning
  23. Found by Mališa Bahat
  24. Lost by Mališa Bahat
  25. Blame God by Blame God
  26. No Guns for Castrate by Blame God
  27. Deny by Blame God
  28. Guided By Suicide by Blame God
  29. Jarhead by Blame God
  30. Tick by Triac
  31. Cutter by Triac
  32. Engine by Triac
  33. Inoculator by Triac
  34. Hellbreaker by Triac
    Peter Plays The Strokes For The First Time Ever On GTRT Playlist

  36. The Modern Age by The Strokes
  37. Serve The Servants by Nirvana
  38. 1 by Congential Death
  39. Prediction Medication by Score
  40. Don’t Walk Away From Me by Hank Wood And The Hammerheads
  41. Peril by Nandas
  42. Snide…Petty…Fools by Hank Wood And The Hammerheads
  43. Waters by Last Words
  45. Jumping Someone Else’s Train by The Cure
  46. Scott Pilgrim by Plumtree
  47. That Party Sucked by Navy Gangs
  48. Bloodsport by Parlor Walls
  49. Dive by Nirvana
  50. リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー by Macintosh Plus
  51. Salt by Institute
  52. On The Line by Dame
  53. Ghosts by Dame
  54. Romeo’s Distress by Christian Death
    Plus 1 more for Bob

  56. The Body You Want by Clean Girls

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Ben and Peter

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