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Hey, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time.
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The Playlist for 3/11/18:

  1. PPP by BIG UPS
  2. Death Penalty by Fealty
  3. 27 by SOUL GLO
  4. It Makes Me Sick by Dagger NWI
  5. Medicine Blues by mommy
  6. Change by Firewalker
  7. Black Out by Zulus
  8. HOW’M I SUPPOSED TO WAKE UP IN THE MORNING by Hank Wood and the Hammerheads
  9. LIFE JAIL by Brandy
  10. Burn Away by Adrenochrome
  11. Fauves by Perennial
  12. Come On Out And Come Right In by Shooting At Unarmed
  13. What We’ve Learned by mclusky
  14. Honey Bucket by Melvins
  15. Downer by Nirvana
  16. Boy Void by No Age
  17. What by Butts
  18. Beach Song by The Dead Milkmen
  19. Lyin’ by Washer
  20. My Mind is Broken by Ed Schrader’s Music Beat
  21. Habit by Document
  22. Perfect Fit by Apostle Of Hustle
  23. Pressure Drop by The Clash
  24. Go Away by Household
  25. Fried Egg by Grass Widow
  26. Cancer by Poster Children
  27. Triangles by PURPUR SPYTT
  28. Excuse Generator by Lithics
  29. Wide Awake by Parquet Courts
  30. Girlie by THICK
  31. Gerald Part 2 by Vintage Crop
  32. Skim Milk by Flasher
  33. These 3 Things by Ought
  34. Lemon Glow by Beach House
  35. The Gallows (Anatomy Alternative Remix) by Pawns
  36. Watched Us Fade by Safe Hex
  37. Defriended by Beck
  38. Everyone Around Me by Guilty Ghosts
  39. Send Me Down by Turning
  40. Skull Eyes by True Widow
  41. Gone (ft. Open Mike Eagle) by The Skull Eclipses
  42. rapper (feat. Busdriver) by milo
  43. Dead Money (L’Orange Remix) by Armand Hammer
  44. “Dreams” by Space Needle

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