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Daniel Klag sent us these answers to our questions in this next installment of q and also a. His new tape, Anticipation, is available right now!
q: What is the last song you (really) heard?

a: As I’m typing this I’m sitting on a train to New Jersey listening to Windy & Carl’s “Lighthouse” from Drawing of Sound. Windy & Carl is a pretty heavy influence on some of my recent songs, particularly “Sinews.”

q: What is the last album that you purchased?

a: I found a vinyl copy of Om’s Pilgrimage at Everyday Music in Seattle after looking for it for a while. I am consistently impressed with bands who can produce such depth with a limited palette of sounds (in this case just drums, bass, and vocals).

q: How has your artistic process changed since the last time we did a q and also a?

a: My process is largely the same — sequencing and looping samples of individual notes or chords and allowing these loops to fade in and out of each other. With each successive album I try to introduce new sound sources; lately I’ve been experimenting with sampled acoustic instruments (flute, violin, autoharp, etc.). After playing the GT Halloween Coverfest as Suicide last October, I have also been using looped vocals (oohs and ahhs mostly) in my live performances.

q: What should we know about Dense Liquid?

a: Dense Liquid is a biweekly radio show that I host on Newtown Radio (on alternating Sundays from 2 to 4pm right before GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time). I typically have a guest musician perform live on each show, and I fill the rest of the time with ambient and experimental music from my collection. Hosting a radio show for the first time since college has forced me dig a little deeper and seek out new sounds, which has been refreshing. Otherwise, I tend toward listening to the same twenty or so artists on repeat.

Ed. Note: Check out this recent show w/ special guest Mezzanine Swimmers: http://www.newtownradio.com/show-archive/dense-liquid-ep-8-w-mezzanine-swimmers-live-set-31118/
q: What should we know about Anticipation?

a: Anticipation is my new album, released earlier this week on Chicago’s Patient Sounds label. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been experimenting with using acoustic sound sources, balanced with dense sheets of guitar and occasional synth textures. I’ve been playing snippets of these songs live for the past two years or so; it feels good to finally share them in full.

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Moth Wings (mp3)
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