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Wow, it’s time for the fourth “best of” feature for 2018. This is Volume Four of the Best of 2018. Here are 20 more songs from 2018 for your consideration. This one just happens to be kind of heavy with some killer bands from Austin, TX.

My Killer by The Dreebs

Purchase: Forest of a Crew

O.P.P. by wimps

Purchase: Garbage People

Fast G by Ovlov

Purchase: TRU

kudzu by ILINX

Pay What You Want: GREEN SKIN

Cold Medicine by HAUNTED HORSES


House Show Late December by Fred Thomas

Purchase: Aftering

Drones and Piles by PILES

Purchase: Una Volta

Fruit by Pill

Preorder: Soft Hell

The Changeling Prince by Thou

Purchase: Magus

Latex by exhalants

Purchase: S/T

eating alone in my car by SUPER THIEF

Purchase: eating alone in my car


Purchase: S/T

Gay Guerrilla Terrorism Unit by DICKSÃœCKER

Purchase: Gay Guerrilla Terrorism Unit/I’ll Twink To That – Double EP

The Walk by Uniform

Purchase: The Long Walk

Surface by Big Bliss

Purchase: At Middle Distance

Pigeon Song by Pile

Purchase: Odds and Ends

321 Contact by Eric Copeland

Preorder: Trogg Modal Vol. 1

Warheads by Borzoi

Purchase: A Prayer For War

Cop Dream / Black Eye (True Story) by Spider Bags

Purchase: Someday Everything Will Be Fine

Percentages by Sauna Youth

Pay What You Want: Deaths
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