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So, remember railcars‘ kickstarter project Let’s recreate the 1985 Kate Bush album “Hounds of Love”? Well, the Crash Symbols label is set to release a cassette of Aria Jalali‘s experimental noise rock reinterpretation of Kate Bush‘s art pop on June 21st. A limited edition vinyl will be released via AMDISCS later this summer on August 8th. Listen.

Downloadable: Running Up That Hill (mp3) (source)

For comparison purposes, you can watch the music video for the original song over @

Oh and the vinyl art looks like this:

Hounds of Love by railcars vinyl cover, original artwork by mary syring

Preorder the cassette @

Preorder the vinyl @

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Remixes (2010) (mediafire)


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  1. YSB Says:

    ACK! Whatthehellisthis? I was looking for cars&trains and ended up here. I’m always up for a Kate Bush cover, but holy brain-melt, Mr. T!

  2. b o b Says:

    yep, railcars is crazy crazy

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