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railcars‘s multi-instrumentalist Aria Jalali has started a kickstarter project looking for the funding to take a some time to rework the album Hounds of Love by Kate Bush in his own noisy style. To give you an idea what is involved, listen to what he did with a song by The Cranberries

Downloadable: Dreams (The Cranberries Cover) (mp3)

If you give just $5 you get the completed, mastered album, plus the railcars discography all in mp3 format. And if you give $20 you get the painted, hand numbered cassette as well as the mp3s, and also a handwritten love letter. The more you give, the more you get. C’mon, give Mr. Jalali some money.

widget: Let’s recreate the 1985 Kate Bush album “Hounds of Love”

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BONUS: Passion Of Saint Edmund (Rebirth) (mp3)

Let's recreate the 1985 Kate Bush album Hounds of Love

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