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Edith, David, and Michael of the dream rock outfit Distant Correspondent sent us these answers to our questions in this next installment of the q and also a series.

q: What is the last song you (really) heard?

e: I was listening to the radio on the drive back from Colorado. The last one I remember hearing was the one that goes “ladies and the drinks! ladies and the drinks! ladies and the… it’s what I came for!!” (by Trey Songz). The station before that was all about 70s hits, and I remember singing along to “Listen to the Music” by The Doobie Brothers.

d: Not counting the song I am just in the middle of recording, it would be Kate Bush. I think “Symphony in Blue” or “Oh England, My Lionheart” (something off Lionheart).

m: “You Won’t Be Missing That Part Of Me” by Melody’s Echo Chamber.
q: What is your favorite band to see live?

e: Well, Cocteau Twins but that’ll never happen again. I saw them 3 times though, that’s not too shabby!

Streamable: Cocteau Twins Live in Brixton 1982 (youtube)

d: Goes Cube did a long tour with East of the Wall, and those guys were just beyond incredible. Seeing them live, night after night, it only got better. But in terms of like “great concerts I’ve been to,” I’ve seen Morrissey twice. The first time I saw him was, I think, at the Aragon in Chicago, and that might have been the best concert I’ve ever seen. The second time I saw him didn’t live up to the first one. But then, that might have been more about me than him. When I was in high school and college, I used to go see the New Bomb Turks and Gaunt every chance I could. I think one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen is New Bomb Turks. They never had a show that wasn’t a total rush. And the only show that comes close to touching the first Morrissey show? That would have to be when Gaunt and the New Bomb Turks played Maxwell’s back in what I think was ’95. I’ll never forget Gaunt opening with “Greatest Days.” I can still hear those opening chords, and picture them all jumping in unison.

Streamable: You’re the one for me, Fatty (youtube) by Morrissey

Downloadable: Goes Cube Song 46 (mp3) by Goes Cube

Streamable: Automatic Teller (youtube) by New Bomb Turks

Streamable: Fear (youtube) by Gaunt

m: Tortoise or Tame Impala. Both dreamy, hypnotic and surreal to see live. Hugely impressive musicians with beats and space sounds that tickle your ears in the best ways possible.

Streamable: It’s All Around You (youtube) by Tortoise

Downloadable: Apocalypse Dreams (mp3) by Tame Impala
q: What is your favorite venue (in NYC, if applicable)?

e: My favorite venue on earth is the Hideout in Chicago. It just feels like home to me. New York fave might be I don’t know, probably Mercury Lounge. I haven’t played very many places in NYC, actually.

d: It’s got to be Mercury Lounge, or Bowery Ballroom. I’m talking about performing, not seeing shows.

m: Bluebird Theater here in Denver. It’s the perfect sized venue, with good sound, not a bad seat in the house, and tends to draw band of just the right size and stature. I’ve seen some of my favorite acts there — Bat for Lashes, Tame Impala, Fiery Furnaces, Liars, and many more. Terrific venue.

Streamable: The Wizard (youtube) by Bat for Lashes

Streamable: Ex Guru (youtube) by The Fiery Furnaces

Downloadable: Scissor (mp3) by Liars

d: Bluebird Theater here in Denver rules. Goes Cube did a short tour with Helmet and Intronaut, and we kicked it off there. Unforgettable.

Streamable: Biscuits For Smut (youtube) by Helmet

Streamable: Valley of Smoke (youtube) by Intronaut

q: What piece(s) of culture are you totally excited about right now?

e: Dang, I don’t know!! I got really into Nicki Minaj a few months back, but then I found out that butt implants exist. Kinda distracted me from her music for awhile, but I guess I’ve come to terms with that. Now, I’m so immersed in Distant Correspondent stuff that it’s hard to find time to get into anything else.

d: My wife and I do this thing where we show up really late to the party (or, in some cases, long after it’s over) when it comes to television shows. So right now, we’re in the midst of Deadwood, and utterly obsessed. In terms of more current things, I’m not ashamed to admit that Downton Abbey is also completely awesome.

m: Technology and art. We’re living in a unique time where technologies for film, music, art and more are cheaper, better quality, and more accessible than ever. To some extent, that means that any hack can try to create something that may or may not be valuable for the medium. But at the same time, how many more artists have been able to realize their capabilities and pursue their passion because the tools are more accessible? I think this points to the fact that proliferation of the tools is what’s exciting right now, such that now access to the tools to create are not prohibitive. The onus is still on the artist/maker to create something special and unique.
q: Anything we should know about your latest project (whatever that might be)?

e: I can’t speak for David, but I’m pouring everything I’ve got into this band. Heart and soul and brain are all getting funneled directly into this music. All energy is being spent either making new music or trying to get it out there however we can. It’s a real labor of love for me and kind of a second chance for me as well. Hope to be doing this for a very long time to come!

d: Well, Distant Correspondent is my latest project (though Goes Cube is still alive and well). I guess what there is to know is that we have pretty much two albums worth of material recorded, and we keep writing and recording more. We’re eager to get our label situation firmed up, and hit the road. Also, in the short term, the quite accomplished filmmaker, Heather Crank, is directing a video for our song “Summit.” She’s nearly done shooting footage, and will be editing it soon. We’re quite eager for everyone to see that (and hear the song).

m: What should you know about my latest project? Well that would be Distant Correspondent. I guess I would say my goal and function is to bring some pep to these dreamy, beautiful soundscapes Mr. O and Ms. F put together. If I can make you shake your hips, mission accomplished.


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