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premiere :: VATS > Slow Eyes

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

VATS of Minneapolis have a brand new music video for their track “Slow Eyes” and we are psyched to share it with you right now. I mean, it’s like [spoiler alert]: baseball bat glitter faced dude smacks piñata head Frank which naturally leads to a rave. Right? Got it. Ok. Turn this up. Let’s go.


(Direction: Tim Krause)

You can pay what you want for the digital version of Today (with the killer track “Slow Eyes”) @

The limited edition cassette of Today is sold out (as of this post).

You can also pay what you want for their earlier recordings @

VATS is on Bandcamp
VATS is on Facebook
VATS is on Hype Machine
VATS is on No Problem Records
VATS is on Planchette People
VATS is on Cat People
VATS is on eMusic

BONUS: Slow Eyes (mp3)

VATS - Slow Eyes Video

audio streams :: The End of Year Dump 2014

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Now, I know it’s 2015, but let’s look back at 2014 one more time. Here are all things I meant to post but just did not have the time. This is the End of Year Dump 2014.

First up is the excellent Doubting Thomas Cruise Control/Slushies split 7″. Grab it over at Duckbill Recs.

RIP Mr. Dream. The brooklyn postpunks and progenitors of GODMODE Recs released their last recordings in 2014, including this one “Cheap Heat”. Grab the tape!

Koff Recordings put out an excellent and raucous tape last year by Earth Rod. Grab it.

Madison, WI Zinncore punks Tyranny Is Tyranny released their new album Let It Come From Whom It May on vinyl and CD and they made the digital pay what you want. Purchase in the format of your choice.

Continuing with more midwest punkkk… the Chicago posthardcore outfit Fake Limbs released (the Bob Weston mastered) The Power of Patrician Upbringing last year. Get it digitally or on vinyl from BLVD Recs.

DDIILLIIAANN dropped his BED-STUYLE /mixtape/ last year. You can pick up the tape (or pay what you want for the digital) at International Winners.

Slovenly Records killed it last year (cough Hobocop cough The Monsieurs cough), but somehow I neglected their releases by Useless Eaters and Thee MPVs. Sorry.

Harrisonburg, VA trancepunks, Malatese blew me away to Death by Audio when I saw them play there last year. You can buy their EP, Animal Relief digitally from the band or on tape from Bad Grrrrl Recs.

AND Malatese is presently streaming tracks from their new EP, Dry Rot Resident.

Hamilton, CA noisepunks, WTCHS released a tape last year called It’s Not A Cross, It’s A Curse! via a label trifecta of Sonic Unyon/Out Of Sound/PERDU. Purchase it at the WTCHS bandcamp.

Finally, I totally neglected the awesomeness of Bloomington, IN label Magnetic South. Let’s just highlight their releases from Psychic Baos, Thee Tsunamis and Apache Dropout.

I am probably leaving something out here, so leave a comment and tell me what I should have posted about last year. Thanks for reading/listening.
the end of year dump

show :: 10/24/14 @ The Gutter > The Mirror Universe Tapes + GIMME TINNITUS Unofficial CMJ Showcase

Friday, October 10th, 2014

CMJ is almost upon us. Too many shows. Not enough time/sleep/etc. Well, here is one show that is not to be missed. Mirror Universe Tapes and GT have put together a dark and poppy unofficial showcase. It happens on Friday, October 24th at The Gutter. Doors are at 7. Show at 8. No badges, but the show only cost $5. Do not miss it.

The Lineup (in no particular order, times announced closer to the show):

Dott (Ireland)

Be Forest (Italy)

The Flag (Brooklyn)

Kindling (East Hampton, MA)

Night Powers (Brooklyn)

Semi Femme (Brooklyn)

Bummer 10/14/14: Semi Femme can’t play.

Update 10/16/14: Lia Mice and Curelight Wounds will now be playing!

Just Added!

Lia Mice (France)

Curelight Wounds (Brooklyn)

May 9, 2014
The Gutter
200 North 14th Street
Only $5
No Badges
Doors at 7
Music at 8


Mirror Universe is on the internet
Mirror Universe is on Bandcamp
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The Gutter is on the internet
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The Gutter is on NY Mag

Day That I Found You (mp3) Dott
Bad Blood (mp3) by The Flag
Eastern State (mp3) by Kindling
We Will Always Be Together (mp3) by Night Powers
Concealed (mp3) by Semi Femme
Silver Sand (mp3) by Curelight Wounds

MU + GT Unoffish CMJ at The Gutter


Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

VATS of Minneapolis (not to be confused with VATS Seattle) play some sludgy rock and roll with pounding beats. Their latest EP is entitled TODAY and is now available on No Problem Records. TODAY sounds like this.


Downloadable: SLOW EYES (mp3)

You can pay what you want for the digital @ or pick up the limited edition cassette (clear red tape, edition of 100) @

You can also pay what you want for their earlier recordings @

Hopefully, VATS will travel east and play some shows in NYC real soon.

VATS is on Bandcamp
VATS is on Facebook
VATS is on Hype Machine
VATS is on No Problem Records
VATS is on Planchette People
VATS is on Cat People


mp3s :: NOT POSTED Mix, Vol. 75

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

It has been a while! It’s time to check out a bunch of the tracks I have not posted recently. These are just a few of the songs that would get their own individual posts here on GIMME TINNITUS if I only had the time. Here is the next NOT POSTED mix.

Instructions for use: you can play the individual tracks using the tiny play buttons next to each mp3 link, OR you can stream the whole page using the streampad player at the bottom of the page, OR you can just download any or all of the mp3s at your leisure and play them using a digital media player of your choice.



  1. Enough (mp3) by The Meltaways

    [pay what you want for Demo @]

  2. Robyn Byrd (mp3) by Butter The Children

    [pay what you want for True Crime @]

  3. Bigger Party (mp3) by Speedy Ortiz

    [d/l all the Adult Swim 2014 Singles @

  4. WHAT KIND OF MONSTER ARE YOU (Slant 6 Cover) (mp3) by Arm Candy

    [pay what you want for The Right to Bear Arm Candy @]

  5. Boys Are Dumb (mp3) by Bugs and Rats

    [pay what you want for s/t @]

  6. Acid House (mp3) by Good Throb

    [d/l the wavs of FUCK OFF @]

  7. PROPHECY (mp3) by Chrome
  8. IN THE FLESH (mp3) by BONG WISH
  9. Only Around (mp3) by rRope

    [d/l the Deathbomb Arc 2014 label sampler @]

  10. Unforgiving Sun (mp3) by Grand Mariner

    [pay what you want for Happy to Birth @]

  11. Headhunting (mp3) by JPEGASUS

    [pay what you want for Title @]

  12. (i wish my sister was a) pizza (mp3) by ice cream social

    [pay what you want for Something Has Come Up I Absolutely Cannot Make It To The @]

  13. Almost Vince (mp3) by Lubec
  14. Concealed (mp3) by Semi Femme

    [pay what you want for Cotillion @]

  15. Useless Artifact (mp3) by Galkin

    [pay what you want for Pity Party EP @]

  16. She Came Through (Again) (mp3) by Los Angeles Police Department
  17. Brownlee (mp3) by Civil Union

    [pay what you want for Civil Union @]

  18. Guatemala (mp3) by Amanda X
  19. Sagawa’s Breakfast Baptism (mp3) by Log Horn Breed

    [pay what you want for Bachman Turner Overdrives @]

  20. Sand Of Sea (mp3) by Cloud Becomes Your Hand
  21. vitamins, floating (mp3) by EWOK FUR

    [pay what you want for dustlights @]

If you want to download all the individual tracks in this post, you should probably think about installing the DownThemAll! or FlashGot Firefox extensions as I am way too lazy to zip and upload every single NOT POSTED mix.

Also, if you like what you hear you should probably purchase music from the above artists at any of these fine online retailers (or your local independent record store):

Insound | eMusic | Other Music

And be sure to check out the other NOT POSTED mixes.