Friday Night Vids :: Lemonade + Frankie & The Outs + The Forms

Although I think I like me the Ghosts On Tape remix (find it here) better than this actual Lemonade, this stuff is pure fun. If you can’t get into it, you may just be a miserable person. Did I mention they are playing tonight at Monster Island w/ Tanlines & Pictureplane? Lemonade Pure Moods EP comes out next week.

Preorder it here (WARNING: may contain bananas and ecstasy).

Streamable: Lifted (youtube) by Lemonade

Downloadable: Lifted (mp3)

I will see Frankie Rose & The Outs play live at some point in the near future (I hope). And maybe we will get a long player or an EP, or at least another single on Slumberland later this year??

Streamable: Frankie Rose & The Outs Live @ Club Europa (youtube)

Downloadable: Thee Only One (mp3)

Hat tip to Purple Plaid for this one. A few deets on the new Forms EP can be found here. This video is for a song off their stellar self-titled LP.

Buy The Forms on CD or vinyl @ Threespheres.

Streamble: White Dot (youtube) by The Forms

This has been another…
Friday Night Vids

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