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On Friday night, you will have the chance to checkout the band that put out Black Hole, one of our favorite albums of last year. The band is called Young Adults. They hail from Allston, Mass. They look something like this:

Young Adults

Young Adults are playing Death by Audio along with Shark? and Slow Animal this Friday evening. It is so worth trekking out to South 2nd Street for this one.

I went and compiled some of their mp3s that are readily available on the internet. Turn the volume on your computer speakers up and enjoy this Young Adults Mixtape. Listen.

Drifting (mp3)
Bummer Summer (mp3)
Rip It Up (Demo) (mp3)
Campfires (mp3)
Annulation (Demo) (mp3)
Wasting Time (mp3)

Or you could just stream the whole album using the bandcamp widget below.

Streamable: Black Hole (bandcamp)

You can buy Black Hole from the band at their upcoming shows, though from what I hear the band is looking to repress the record so supplies may be limited.

You can always purchase the digital version of Black Hole over @ the Young Adults’ Bandcamp.

If you like, you can still grab the whole of the Young Adults demo @ Mediafire.

Upcoming NYC shows:

Update: Looks like the Bruar Falls show fell through.

Young Adults are on Facebook
Young Adults are on Twitter
Young Adults are on Myspace
Young Adults are on Bandcamp
Young Adults are on
Young Adults are on Hype Machine
Young Adults are on AMDISCS

Editor’s Note: I should also give a shout out to Kohwi who is playing @ Cameo Gallery tomorrow. If maybe you can split your time between shows, that would probably be ideal. Oh, and Kohwi did put out Hidden Trees… one of my favorite free albums last year. You can preorder the cassette tape of Hidden Trees @ WONDER BEARD and you can d/l it @ Mediafire.

Death by Audio Friday 1/21/11

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