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Here is the second GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time. There were a few technical difficulties early on in the broadcast, but just look at that tracklist, the show was totally awesome.


Streamable: GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time :: March 17, 2013 (soundcloud)


  1. Notes & Chords Mean Nothing To Me by Monkeywrench
  2. Teenage Bloodsucker by The Flag
  3. BART SIMPSON (mp3) by blood sister
  4. Rubber Gloves by The Psyched
  5. Pop Hit III (mp3) by The Soupcans
  6. Deadbeat (mp3) by Hunters
  7. Blackout by Zulus
  8. Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster by Thee Oh Sees
  9. Shallow by Beach Fossils
  10. White Tornado by REM
  11. Space Cadet by Paint Fumes
  12. The Observer (mp3) by Hive Bent
  13. Blue Stamped Britches by Ed Schrader’s Music Beat
  14. Life Is Not Worth Living And Suicide Is A Waste Of Time by Lester Bangs and the Delinquents
  15. Brass Knuckles by Personal and the Pizzas
  16. SPELL BOUND by Warm Soda
  17. Merry Go Round by The Coathangers
  18. Mountain Town by Radical Dads
  19. Coast to Coast (mp3) by Waxahatchee
  20. Heavy Shit by Colleen Green
  21. I No Y by Boring Portals
  22. Roman Tick by Fergus & Geronimo
  23. Better by Odonis Odonis
  24. Dumbass In A Pair Of Shorts (mp3) by Krill
  25. Cold Hands (mp3) by Mount Sharp
  26. Pet the Ghost by Darlings
  27. Sherry Island by Cold Pumas
  28. You’re Yawning All Over My Baby by Grass Is Green
  29. Set-Up (mp3) by RENMINBI
  30. Vermin $upreme by Butter The Children
  31. Ozonomio by Younolovebunny
  32. Thug Killings by Super Minotaur
  33. Twins by Happy New Year
  34. Blue Elvis by Peals
  35. Nightface by Imperial Topaz
  36. I Can Do A Lot by Club Girls
  37. Baby Oh Baby by Martin Rev
  38. Dayglo (mp3) by Acrobat Twin
  39. Wet Heat (mp3) by deadCAT
  40. True Thrush by Dan Deacon

The next show is in two weeks.

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