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Here is the latest GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time in which Michael from Low Fat Getting High stops by and we chat about, you guessed it, EISGTNSIDE13!

EISGTNSIDE13 2-day flyer by michael patrick sincavage

(flyer by michael patrick sincavage)


Downloadable: GTRT 06-09-13 :: GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time (mp3)

The Playlist:

  1. Notes & Chords Mean Nothing To Me by Monkeywrench
  2. Bed Head by Psychic Blood
  3. Shallow by Psychic Blood
  4. Slug (mp3) by Krill
  5. The Troublesome Horse Gets The Milk by Krill
  6. Let’s Roll by Shark?
  7. I’ve Got Friends by Shark?
  8. Honor Killer (mp3) by Eula
  9. Housewolf by Eula
  10. Bodega Cat (mp3) by Trabajo
  11. Gamelan to the Love God by Trabajo
  12. Wind in the Furnace (mp3) by Life Size Maps
  13. Abstract Speed by Life Size Maps
  14. The Claw by LOW FAT GETTING HIGH
  15. In The Waiting Room by LOW FAT GETTING HIGH
  16. I Love the Way He Touches His Computer (mp3) by VULTURE SHIT
  17. Dead Wave (mp3) by SURFING
  18. Blood Pool by technicolor teeth
  19. Hypnotic Regression by Girls Names
  20. Strings Out by Sea Patterns
  21. Miller’s Grove (mp3) by Connections
  22. Matt LeBlanc (mp3) by Steel Phantoms
  23. Gold Thought Exit by ADVAETA
  24. I Get High by Yazan
  25. Parking Lot by Jack
  26. Pusher (mp3) by Acid Problem
  27. Indoor Soccer by Speedy Ortiz
  28. Chaoz by ADVAETA
  29. Beyond Living by Milk Music
  30. The City by ovlov
  31. The Valley by ovlov
  32. Demons by Corrupt Autopilot
  33. Superfriends (mp3) by potty mouth
  34. Cold Hands (mp3) by Mount Sharp
  35. You Are The Worst (mp3) by Big Soda
  36. Kill ‘Em With Kindness by Swearin’
  37. Dinnertime by VULTURE SHIT
  38. Wrong by BIG UPS
  39. Shut Your Mouth by BIG UPS
  40. Get Off The Phone! by Flagland
  41. My Apartment (mp3) by Flagland
  42. Swim by Nü Sensae
  43. Make For The Graves by Padallock Grafts
  44. no confidence by The Black Black

The next show is on 6/23 @ 4PM EST.

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