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Sauna Heat month on GIMME TINNITUS continues with the premiere of a very special track off of their new EP (not an LP as previously reported).

Michael of Sauna Heat has this to say of the eight tracks collectively known as, Revenge:

While the Revenge release is not quite the full LP we anticipated, it stands as a highly-concentrated body of work- slow burners, some rippers, and without a doubt, several scorchers. The release formulates a thesis for the current sonic and aesthetic make-up of the Sauna Heat’s sound. Mariel’s booming stomp struts along with Hunter’s bass grooves, silver-lined with Michael’s shoddy, mishap guitar solos. A sound pieced together from the likes of The Cramps, The Oblivians, and Bay-Area rock n roll.

Here is the Revenge tracklisting:

  1. Gimme Sedatives
  2. Scum Boogie
  3. Nothing to Say
  4. Blind Spot
  5. Revenge
  6. Shag Carpet
  7. Gold Coast
  8. I’m Broke

And here is Side A, Track 1.


Downloadable: Gimme Sedatives (mp3) (also on soundcloud)

The Revenge cassette is available for $6 at

Plus, you can check out the demos of “Gold Coast” and “I’m Broke” at the Sauna Heat Soundcloud.

Take note: Sauna Heat‘s recordings are covered with figurative tillandsia usneoides.

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BONUS: Nice to Say (mp3)

Revenge Cassette from Sauna Heat available on Soft Science Recordings
Sauna Heat

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