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Welcome to the GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time internet radio show, a biweekly program on Newtown Radio where I play some songs for you and stream them live over the internet. I don’t talk that much. Sometimes there are technical problems. Sometimes there are guests. Sometimes both.

Here are a whole bunch of recent GTRTs. I must apologize for not posting these sooner. I am much better at cranking these GTRTs out than I am at editing HTML.

Oh and check out the top five GTRT songs of 2015 over at!

Downloadable: GTRT 09/13/15 :: GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time (mp3)
The Playlist:

  1. My Own Boss by Fitness
  2. BKNY pt.2 (Zula Remix) by MY BODY
  3. Ziggy Starfish (Anti-Anxiety Raps) [prod. Gold Panda] by Open Mike Eagle
  4. RIP Yourself by Isn’t Ours
  5. Raw Light Overture by BOTANY
  6. theory of color by cars & trains
  7. De Dida Voz (Monster Rally Remix) (mp3) by Monster Rally
  8. Split Stones by Lymbyc Systym
  9. Mean Kids by Nightspace
  10. The Way You Feel by Yourself
  11. Badd by Sporting Life
  12. Beef Or Real by Theosophus
  13. 0 by Yonatan Gat
  14. The Pink Noise by Shunkan
  15. I Am Not Right by Gluebag
  16. Life In Hell by Woolen Men
  17. Ducking and Dodging by Parquet Courts
  18. Honestly Do Yr Worst by Joanna Gruesome
  19. CHEMICAL WASTE by Arm Candy
  20. I’d Hate To Be An Actor by Greys
  21. False Pass by Sannhet
  22. Meet The Plastics (Demo) by Unwound
  23. Waves Will Kill You by Psychic Blood
  24. False Positive by Black Eyes
  25. Bad Advice by Protomartyr
  26. APLOMB by Eula
  27. Sangwich by Gnarwhal
  28. Waste of a Day by Cold Sweats
  29. Tuley – Tude – High by Patsy
  30. Expressionless by Multicult
  31. Surplus City (mp3) by Nitpickers
  32. Huffer by vomitface
  33. Release The Bees by Bad Meds
  34. Just Like A Magic Bullet by The Flag

it me gtrt
Downloadable: GTRT 09/27/15 :: GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time (mp3)
The Playlist:

  1. Calm and Content by YVETTE
  2. Disinfect by Destruction Unit
  3. You’re a Crayon by Big Neck Police
  4. Crank by Palm
  5. You’re Too Old (mp3) by Total Fury
  6. Suck My Left One by Bikini Kill
  7. feed me by So Pitted
  8. T.O.D.D. by Wolf Eyes
  9. Pollys Crystal by Guerilla Toss
  10. My Lens by PC Worship
  11. Nausea by Diät
  12. The Whip and The Rein by Chomp
  13. Jock Dreams by Stove
  14. Borrowed Tune by Blessed State
  15. Car by Ex-Breathers
  16. HELLO DEAR (mp3) by Melge
  17. Transparent by Metro Cult
  18. Torture Report (mp3) by L.O.T.I.O.N.
  19. Drown (mp3) by Broken Water
  20. Understand by Cloak
  21. Laura by Wildhoney
  22. Tiles (mp3) by Swings
  23. Frozen Egg (mp3) by Lame Drivers
  24. Pretty Pimpin (Kurt Vile cover) by Galkin
  25. Five Signs of Decay of a Celestial Being by Trabajo
  26. Heart And Soul (T’Pau cover) by TOBACCO
  27. Lively Hood by DOOMSTARKS
  28. Triple-Double No Assists by Sporting Life
  30. Solarflare [Prod. Friendzone] by Yung Lean
  31. Scientific by Scientist
  32. Life (Pt. 1) by Dan Friel

gtrt bot art
Downloadable: GTRT 10/11/15 :: GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time (mp3)
The Playlist:

  1. Erased by Meat Wave
  2. Prince of Slackers by Turn To Crime
  3. Rile by Chomp
  4. Sacred Cow by Crosss
  5. Guilty by Dirty Dishes
  6. Come With Me by ADVAETA
  7. I Ain’t Been Workin by Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk
  8. orangina filth by fern mayo
  9. Stand Still And Rot by Pinact
  10. Options R by Wire
  11. Bon Nuit (mp3) by Parlor Walls
  12. To Hell With Good Intentions by mclusky
  13. Scum Sucking Protestant by Clean Girls
  14. Backslider (mp3) by Death Vacation
  15. Crimes 1 by Soupcans
  16. Celebration by Ought
  17. Certain Harbours (The Bongos cover) (mp3) by Sleepies
  18. GRIEF CYCLE (mp3) by IDES
  19. Revolver III by Zulus
  20. Straight Lines by Shopping
  21. I Forgive You by Protomartyr
  22. Forces At Work by Feelies

GUEST PLAYLIST… Stephen of Kindling and Ampere shares songs from California X, Lost Film, Wipers, Longings, Permaculture, Infinity Girl, Blitz, Chumbawamba, Digital Prisoners of War, Elizabeth Color Wheel, Camera Obscura, and more.
kindling gtrt
gtrt kindling mirror universe infinity girl
Downloadable: GTRT 10/25/15 :: GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time (mp3)
The Playlist:

  1. Pizza Forest (on Lawton) demo by FREECARE
  2. Wiser by Blessed State
  4. Soft Spot by Dead Tenants
  5. SLAV! (mp3) by Slav
  6. Possession (mp3) by The Meltaways
  7. made for trees (screwedxx) by Bonnie Baxter
  8. PUSHED by Cloak
  9. Eraser by METZ
  10. Crystal Mace by Waylon Thorton
  11. Signal Master by Spray Paint
  12. Ankles by Palm
  13. Bloodsport by Parlor Walls
  14. I Always Get What I Want by Moss Lime
  15. Splatter by Nailbiter
  16. I Hear The Rain by Violent Femmes
  17. Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (Demo) by The Ramones
  18. Dreaming by Blondie
  19. Blessed State by Wire
  20. Cover Me by Bruce Springsteen
  21. Creep by Stone Temple Pilots

GUEST PLAYLIST… from Dead Tenants with songs by ________ Container, Vessel, Pharaoh Sanders, Captain Beefheart, Brainiac, PLUS special guests Oh Golly and Hellbirds!

Dear City Brewing LLC, Dead Tenants would like Crazy Stallion malt beverage to sponsor them. Let’s make this happen! Thx. GT

gtrt ghost victim
gtrt dead tenants oh golly squad
Downloadable: GTRT 11/08/15 :: GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time (mp3)
The Playlist:

  1. Black Chalk by Earring
  2. Ministry of the Torture Couch (prod. by Elos feat. Hemlock Ernst) by Busdriver
  3. [Technical issues :( ]
    LIVE ALL CASSETTE GUEST PLAYLIST… From Trevor of Fire Talk with songs by BBDDM, Paw Paw, Run DMT, Pure X, Katrina Stoneheart, Dreamcrusher, and more. Plus, Special Guest Earring!
    [GT Playlist resumes]

  4. Signal Master by Spray Paint
  5. Painkiller by Kindling
  6. Palm Tree by Painted Zeros
  7. Blur World by Psychic Blood
  8. Psychosymplistic, Psychosymplastic Here! by the Sediment Club
  10. Sleeper Agent Man (mp3) by Lair
  11. Nausea by Diät
  12. Golden Age of Tv by Nightbirds
  13. You Are What Eats You by Palm
  14. Stillove (mp3) by Museum of Recycling
  15. (Humans) Being Human (Beings) by No One and the Somebodies
  16. Midwest Handstate (mp3) by Nonsense
  17. M A L E M O D E L S by DECORUM
  18. Blue by POLYON
  19. In A Different Place by Bedroom Eyes

firetalk gtrt
Downloadable: GTRT 11/22/15 :: GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time (mp3)
The Playlist:
Here are some tracks that were chosen at random…

  1. Rednecks Everywhere by Spray Paint
  2. Raw Milk by Parquet Courts
  3. Deep Thoughts 006 by Giant Claw
  4. Freak Out by Liars
  5. Hate Crime Girl by Shark?
  6. Redlight by Solvey
  7. Broken by lié
  8. I Hate The Kids by Hot Snakes
  9. Close Your Eyes, Slowly by Landing
  10. Looking Glass (Reprise) by Media Jeweler
  11. Falling Hair by Ty Segall
  12. Sinking Feeling by Shopping
  13. Like Or Lump It by Kleenex/LiLiPUT
  14. Accused (mp3) by FRAU
  15. Dinner With The President by The Evens
  16. Miserific Condition by Unwound
  17. Foster Sister by Grooms
  18. Let It Bleed by The Rolling Stones
  19. Focus by The Forms
  20. Hunters by High Desert
  21. Pink Pussycat by Devo
  22. Shoplifting by The Slits
  23. To Hell With Good Intentions by mclusky
  24. The Whip and The Rein by Chomp
  25. EarthEE by THEESatisfaction
  26. Jumper by Trust Fund
  27. Come & See by Protomartyr
  28. I’m Not Dead (I’m in Pittsburgh) by Frank Black
  29. The Sun Says (Oi! LP Version) by Cock Sparrer
  30. Her by Haybaby
  31. Terms Of Psychic Warfare by Hüsker Dü
  32. Psykick Espionage by Joanna Gruesome
  33. Return of the Rat by Wipers
  34. Options R by Wire
  35. Transmitters by Sauna Youth

lazer cat gtrt
Downloadable: GTRT 12/06/15 :: GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time (mp3)
The Playlist:
This one started with two EPs then Stuart (The Regrets) and Chris (Clean Girls) stopped by and Mark (Stringer) showed up toward the end.

    Dead Ass EP by Stringer

  1. Fear of Death
  2. Black Bile
  3. Dirty Room
  4. Luxury
  5. Just Like You
  6. Wanting Less
    Ex-Boyfriend EP by The Regrets

  8. Enough
  9. Hard To Wake Up
  10. Wish
  11. Worth
    [The GIMME TINNITUS Playlist]

  13. Capitalized by Big Ups
  14. Elegy of Colonial Suffering by Parquet Courts
  15. Take Me Home and Make Me Like It by ALex Chilton
  16. (I Belong To The) Blank Generation by Richard Hell (cut off)
  17. Advance Upon The Real (Live) by Perfect Pussy
  18. The String by G Toss
  19. Void by Dead Tenants
  20. Sippin on my wine by The Gun Hoes
  21. Shut The Fuck Up by The Coathangers
  22. Dump by Wimps
  23. Catepillar by Unwound
  24. Set Fire by Zulus
  25. Christian Right by Institute
  26. [Stuart’s mic levels are super low here :((( ]

  27. And When You Fall by Algiers
  28. Passport Invalid by Media Jeweler
  29. Woad by Clean Girls
  30. 100% Inheritance Tax by Downtown Boys
  31. Thumb War by Palberta
  32. Chowtime by Bbigpigg
  33. [Songs for Oldchris]

  34. King Kunta by Kendrick Lamar
  35. Cocaina by Migos
  36. Thought It Was A Draught by Future
  37. Tear in my Beer by Hank Williams

GUEST PLAYLIST… Mark of Stringer gives some shout outs and Ben Smith owes Stuart Solomon $5.
Shout out to Le Rug
Shout out to Slonk Donkerson
Shout out to Jail Solidarity
Shout out to The Gradients
stringer gtrt
THE END (pheeewww)
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