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Spencer Bloor’s Rats Mouth is coming to an end but before that happens there is a final EP, Bad Grammar, which is set to be released on March 31st by GT favs — Already Dead Tapes.

Plus, a release show at the Footlight featuring UV Rays, Spectral Fangs and Hand Job Academy!
rats mouth final show
AND a new music video created by Zebadiah Keneally for the new single “Cool Rock Band”. The video features Spencer, Jesus and the Hamburger Devil in addition to some absolutely wonderful stunt work by a bunch of hamburger and some sausages and what appears to be a whole lot of tape and saran wrap. We are super excited to share the music video for Cool Rock Band with you…

And because you are so special, we have a full stream of Bad Grammar for you right now…

If you like, you should probably preorder the EP at or come to the show on Saturday to pick up a tape directly from the band.
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Rats Mouth is on Already Dead Tapes
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