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TOUR JOURNAL ENTRY #2: Last Practice Done, Tour Not Yet Begun
by Margaret Darling

Hello. My name is Margaret, and as I type this, an adorable tour dog is at my side and licking my keyboard. Distant Correspondent has just finished its final practice prior to beginning tour and I admit that I’m a bit wound up… I’m still totally on EST, so it feel like its past midnight… though it could all be due to these weird energy gummy candies that have been circulating…

I’m finishing up my fourth day in Denver since flying out for tour, and everything feels right. The band in which I’d been involved for nearly 8 years recently called it quits, and I was getting admittedly stir crazy in Cincinnati sans regular intervals of tour-travel-relief. Simply being in a different environment is medicine enough, but as it happens, I’m fortunate to have stumbled into a seriously amazing group of folks.

Maybe it’s the combination of the high altitude mixed with the bourbon I insisted upon for practice tonight talking—though I’d like to think I’m overcome with genuine emotion—but I’m feeling really good about being out here with these very nice people who I have just met and with whom I will spend the next couple weeks crammed together in a van. Despite that our operations resemble building a machine from parts ordered from different manufacturers, I think things have really come together quickly and easily. Tonight we had our final practice before tour officially begins, and with all the nuts and bolts and wires sorted out, I think our machine is assembled and ready to unleash its death ray upon meet the world.

Tour creeps up on you. It’s something that at some point is an entry months away on a calendar. And it’s not like you ever forget it’s coming, or neglect preparing for it, but because time is in the habit of passing, once tour enters your calendar, it keeps getting closer and closer and closer. Here we are now, with no choice but to press ahead. Right now, all of tour still waits ahead of us, though we are up against it. Tomorrow we’ll be just entering into it, and soon this tour will be behind us. This is that magical twilight moment where our adventures aren’t yet written, but we know they are coming.

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