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IOWA CITY by Michael Lengel

Iowa City. After miles and miles of cornfields, farmland and deserted gas stations through Nebraska and Iowa, this gorgeous college town is rather surprising. We rolled into town with a beautiful sunset, rowing teams practicing on the Iowa River, college folks ambling about, and a perfect fall evening.

Iowa State is supposedly notorious as a party school, but the evening seemed a bit subdued, and so it proved as the night unfolded. Margaret took a detour to add some ink to her collection – fantastic work by Iowa City’s Reverend Cooper.

Our set was a fun one. Played with gusto and probably the first night we felt really, truly comfortable having met and played with 40% of Distant Correspondent less than a week prior. It was fantastic to see a few good friends and meet some enthusiastic new fans.

distant correspondent in iowa city with rev cooper

We owe Rev Cooper the world for being a fucking ace host. What a guy. Tatted all over, a hulking 6’3, gauges everywhere, and despite all appearances the friendliest, most welcoming and sincerely awesome host one could hope to meet. Armed with a basement filled wall to wall with amazing speaker cabs, heads, googly-eyes axes, drums and more. David and Margaret couldn’t help but imagine a world with a bit more doom than dream in DC. See photos for evidence that we at least have the proper posture and gesticulations.

googly eyed guitar by rev cooper

We owe Coop for an awesome evening. It’s fellas like him, seeing our friends, and chatting with folks who are kind enough to share their impressions of what we’re doing that make this a thoroughly special experience. We leave behind the children of the corn in Nebraska and Iowa (sorry – getting our hands on this DVD has become an unhealthy obsession) and continue onward to Chicago and the excellent Kirin Callanan at Galerie F. Onward.


flying vee in iowa city

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