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The mostly Brooklyn-based purveyors of noise pop, NO HONEYMOON, are Cait (Guitar/Vocals), Rob (Guitar), Nate (Bass), and Ryan (Drums). The band has a new short EP called Together Alone that we are super excited to share with you now. This is their second recording this year/ever.

The recordings are according to Cait are:

a continuation of the ideas we started developing with our first EP I Wanna See Everything. I’ve been having really vivid, kind of realistic-dystopian dreams for at least a year and I write a lot about that. I think this band kind of aims for catharsis in terms of Bad Feelings and anxieties that can’t otherwise be adequately encapsulated. There exists a video of Rob playing “Down” at sunset on his rooftop in Jersey City. It is very beautiful.

These tracks were recorded at the Converse-sponsored Rubber Tracks studio. The band says they felt:

a little reticence about being handed this experience in the name of a brand, but it was honestly so wonderful and it’s crazy that it’s free. It’s a nice situation for young bands like us – it’s a community service. And it makes you want to work harder to maintain that level of quality for future endeavors.

Stream Together Alone below and download the tracks at your leisure.


And be sure to check out their earlier EP, I Wanna See Everything (recommended here back when they were still called HONEYMOON).

Plus NO HONEYMOON are doing a mini-tour this weekend, if you are in Jersey City tonight see them play with their best buds (and GT favs) DONE (then comes Philly and DC). Here is the mini-tour flyer…


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together alone by no honeymoon

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